When You KNOW Better, You Dress Better!

Image Management is for anyone who wants to look and feel his or her best. Judith, founded Image Management on the idea that men and women if given the tools and understanding can Look and Feel better than than ever before. She has dedicated her life and business to providing the tools and techniques that transform and empower men and women.

Judith Taylor provides amazing services and products designed to make YOU look GOOD and feel GREAT! She works with you to discover your style from Head to Toe: Including Skin Care, Hair, Face and Body Shape, Make-up, Shoes, Jeans, Professional and Casual. Serving men and women from all walks and at every stage of life, she makes it easy, providing all the materials you need to continue to look and feel your best!


Nobody wears hosiery now days. Know what to do instead? Guys – What are your shoes telling the world about you?
At Image Management it is our Job to make YOU look GOOD!


Looking Good from Head to Toe!

womanShoesPicDo you know your best and worst colors? Do you understand body proportions and know what is best for YOUR body? Do you know your style?

Everyone has a style, lets discover yours together!

  • Your Look – Everyday looks and Dressing like you “mean business”
  • Investment dressing – Look like you spent big bucks on a budget
  • Jeans – Fit for your body and your style
  • Makeup – Everyday, Glamour, Brides, Special Dates
  • Skin Care – Having beautiful skin is easy and affordable
  • Face shape – Best hairstyle, color, glasses and jewelry
  • Shoes – who’s looking? Everyone!
  • Size – Learning to fit YOUR shape and YOUR body.
  • Concealing – Best way to hide what we don’t want to show
  • Changes – Divorced? New job? Looking for work? Interview? New love? Lost weight? Gained weight? TV appearance? Government Offices? Senate and Congress?

Looking Good from Head to Toe, is a transformative experience! Clients look better, feel better, have more confidence and walk away with everything they need to continue to look and feel good for life.

Put your Best Boot Forward

menBootsGuys, we gotta talk about your image! Do you know how to PUT YOUR BEST BOOT FORWARD? Judith does!

We understand and deliver the “Nashville Look” that is just right for you.

Learn how you look and present yourself through Judith’s mirror.
Discover how to Look and Feel YOUR Best the Nashville way.

It is MY Business to Make YOU Look GOOD!

Judith’s Guys


  • Looking good – How to dress YOURSELF and LOOK great!
  • Business Wardrobe
  • Ties and Jackets
  • Casual Dressing
  • Shoes
  • Looking Younger
  • Color Know-how
  • Looking Fitter

Judith will have you looking better and more confident in no time. She makes it easy and provides all the materials you need to continue to look and feel your best!

Wardrobe Management


What is the VISUAL APPEARANCE everyone’s talking about? Wardrobe management, that’s what we do best! We will show you how to coordinate your clothing from Casual to Professional and everywhere in between.

Professional Etiquette – What you need to know and why
Professional Dress– Learn the in’s and out
Closet auditing – Spend less money and have more to wear.
Update your wardrobe – make it work for you and who you are
Accessories – Learn the basics and where to get the best prices

Come, look into my mirror….. With Wardrobe Management you will learn How to walk and look like you “got it all.” people are going to talk….let them say good things about you and your style.

How can you afford NOT to look your BEST? Judith serves Individuals and groups. She is the perfect choice for a Ladies night out… and group Retreats. She teaches Seminars and provides training for corporations. Gift Certificates are available! Think about Judith’s wonderful services for Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Christmas, Graduations, New Mothers, Mothers and Daughters, Brides and Wedding Parties, Class Reunions, Promotions and for anyone who wants to look and feel great!

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