Dressing Thinner

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Dressing Thinner…

Seems we all want to hide a few pounds these days. A few tips:

1) Stand up straight. Sounds easy but it works. Stand in front of your
mirror and watch your body go thinner just by correct posture.
2) Wear the correct Underwear. We are not talking about your Mama’s
panties. High waisted, french cut leg openings have the the panty line almost gone. Girl, shapewear is your best friend to hide the lumps and bumps.
3)Hair style and make-up current? What, you say, has that got to do with looking thinner? All attention is on your face, not your body!
4) Choose colors carefully. Sure dark colors slim but flattering colors brighten
up you and your world. Stay away from wimpy pastels and go for bold hues.
5) Play up the best, cover the rest. Play down the areas by wearing a darker
color on problem sites. Bigger hips, darker skirt or pant. Wonderful toned arms?
Wear tops that show the most of your arms.

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