Are The Skinny Jeans Dead?

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In the 1960s a man named Mick Jagger with the Rolling Stones brought in a style that not only ROCKED the music industry but gave us a view of a new style known now as skinny jeans. “Women basically said, I am not wearing tight jeans-I am done with them,” said Marshall Cohen, chief industry […]

Does FIT Matter?

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Is is fair when the chalk is brought out to make alterations when a man buys a jacket or suit? We women have to rely on what is on the racks. What is a girl to do? Get to know the designer! Each designer has a “model size eight.” Trouble is that all of them […]

Dressing Thinner

Dressing Thinner

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Dressing Thinner… Seems we all want to hide a few pounds these days. A few tips: 1) Stand up straight. Sounds easy but it works. Stand in front of your mirror and watch your body go thinner just by correct posture. 2) Wear the correct Underwear. We are not talking about your Mama’s panties. High […]

What To Wear

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What to wear in the in between days. In Tennessee we have warm days and then plunge into icy cold weather. It is difficult to know what to wear. Ideas~ dress in layers so that IF your weather changes you can take off that wool sweater that you have over your long sleeved blouse. Leggings […]