Are The Skinny Jeans Dead?

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In the 1960s a man named Mick Jagger with the Rolling Stones brought in a style that not only ROCKED the music industry but gave us a view of a new style known now as skinny jeans. “Women basically said, I am not wearing tight jeans-I am done with them,” said Marshall Cohen, chief industry analyst, with the NPD Group Inc. NYC stylist, Luciana Mando, made the statement that most want to “dress in a relaxed way and after years of squeezing themselves into Skinny Jeans, women are ready for comfort.” Busy women want clothes they can wear to Yoga and then to work- said Nancy Green, Athletia’s General Manager. The Yoga pant for today is a fitted hip and has a straight leg similar to dress slacks. Designers say that the skinny jean is a bull’s eye for the dreaded “muffin top” look.

Listing some of their concerns as:

  1. Shopping is a nightmare considering the fit for the American shopper.
  2. When you find a pair you will head straight to the tailor for the fit you need.
  3. You have to be aware that most have a dye that rubs off on your hands and clothing.
  4. The rise, distant from your waist line to the crotch, it is almost impossible to find the best fit unless you know your measurements.
  5. Super skinny….Please, sheer fabrics looks like you are nude…..

The newest trend for Spring and Summer is a more relaxed look and feel in our jeans. Styles have not changed ….only put away due to the popularity of the skinny denim.

Listed below are the styles of Jeans worn today:

Straight leg (fitted in the hips and falling in a straight line to the hem) is getting more and more popular.

Boot leg (fitted in waist, hips, and leg and a slight flare at the hem) seems to be a favorite for most of the Country Music Entertainers. This style covers a cowboy boot thus getting its name.

Trouser jeans (fits in the hip and relaxed leg) is a favorite for those wanting to create a casual but put –together look by adding a jacket. The most sophisticated of all and so forgiving.

Boyfriend jeans (looks like a man’s style with a fitted waist and usually faded) seems to be the rave in Hollywood.

The flare (similar to the bell bottom from the hippie years) is like the boot cut but flares just below the knee.

Did I forget the distressed jean? I only wish I could. These are a favorite with a dramatic appeal where torn, ripped, and opened areas of skin is showing, at a price that would make your credit card blush!

Do you remember that TRENDS like the distressed jeans come in fast and leave faster? They always cost more and will date you in a year or two. A great looking and fitting pair jeans will last and give you the most bang for your bucks every time……just saying.

So why is it so difficult to find jeans? An informal poll gave us some answers:

  1. 42% say they never find the perfect fit.
  2. 40% only sometimes.
  3. 14% rarely.
  4. 4% always find their perfect fit.

The reason is simple: there is NO standardization in women’s sizes, a size 4 could be an 8 or a 2 depending on the maker!

RULE #1…ALWAYS try them on.

This is showing us the data is out of sync. In 1941 the average woman was 5’2 ” and weighing 129 pounds, today she is 5’4” and weighs 144 pounds and wearing a 12-14 size. Most “style” is made to fit an hour glass shape when the average woman is much more pear shape. The “Missy” section in the department stores selling sizes 2-20 originally age was taken into factor, not actual size. No wonder for the confusion when shopping! And the sizes are fitting bigger…..crazy but true. If you have always been a size 10, you would have grown as much as 5” in bust and hips over the past 30 years according to their measurements today. The change is fast coming, so wear your skinny jeans while you can because the shelves will soon be empty of the skinny and super skinny. Why all this? Well the designers KNOW when you change one thing it changes everything! Shoes, tops, jackets, etc. just another way they make the big bucks.

Last tip: Darker blue jeans and black jeans trims the body, while faded can visually add pounds and bulk.

Always a pleasure hearing from you. My staff and I stand ready to assist your every fashion need.

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