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“Judith uses humor and real life examples to get her point across in a very non-judgmental manner. She focuses on the strengths she sees in others and uses these strengths to help each person look their absolute best.”
Stephanie Richardson

Judith Taylor founded Image Management over 15 years ago and is widely known for her amazing gift for making you look and feel your best. Her business philosophy and her life follow the same basic principle. Do it right! and keep doing it right and you have customers for life.

She is co-author of “My Style, My Way”, newspaper columnist, writes numerous blogs and articles and is frequently interviewed on TV and Radio. She started changing peoples lives over 15 years ago and has served the greater Nashville area, making her the top choice for Image Consulting and in great demand.

Contact Judith Taylor at 615-773-5341 to start looking and feeling your best today! Looknyrbst@aol.com

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